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Covid-19 Update


The main goal is for everyone to remain healthy, that is what’s most important! After talking to numerous stylists, salons, salons in other states that have already reopened, the Iowa board of cosmetology and my insurance agent, Salon Revolution new rules and regulations will be as followed:

  • Everyone will get their temperature checked upon entrance
  • Everyone will be required to sign a consent form
  • Everyone will have to wear a mask at all times while in the salon
  • Whether you walk, bike or drive, you will have to call or text me when you’re outside and I’ll give the okay to come in (this is for the extra sanitation that will be taking place between each appointment)
  • I temporarily will not be offering any nose, lip or chin waxing and no beard trims
  • For those scheduling kids haircuts, I apologize for the inconvenience but will only be allowing one adult and one child In at time
  • I temporarily will not be blow drying any hair

I’ve missed everyone and can’t express how grateful I have been for your support. We will all be adapting to our new normal. but I promise this won’t last forever - ome rules may lift before others as time goes on. I'm so excited to see you all and catch up!!!

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